1-3 August 2019

Main Theme

Research and Innovation for a Digital Society


To achieve SDG4, innovation is critical to help strengthen education systems, and ensure equal access to quality higher education for all. In order to address different challenges and opportunities for distance learning, the international conference will include the following sub-themes:

1. Trends Analysis in Distance Learning
This sub-theme will analyse trends for open and distance learning to promote inclusive economic, social and environmental sustainability. For example, distance education can increase access, equity, quality and relevance, and can narrow the gap between what is taught, and what economies and societies demand throughout the region. Related issues:
   • Assess the current status of open and distance learning in Asia-Pacific
   • Identify key stakeholders, policies, trends and challenges influencing distance learning
   • Analyse strategies to ensure all learners can benefit equally from quality education in line with SDG4
   • Instructional and evaluation design
2. Disruptive Innovations in Distance Learning
Rapid and innovative technological advancements must be effectively harnessed to transform distance learning systems. For example, there is significant potential around learner data to guide online learning and improve the design and organization of courses. In this context, education and training providers must innovate to secure appropriate and ethical use of data, including safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of students’ personally identifiable information. This in turn promotes the portability and recognition of learning.
   • Highlight lessons learned from online learning innovations in Asia and the Pacific
   • Showcase practical examples of technological advancements that enhance distance learning, including      the use of learning outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region
   • Explore the importance of digital learner data ecosystems (e.g. Groningen Declaration)
   • Impacts of disruptive technology on mode of teaching and learning

3. Subject-specific Research in Distance Learning
Areas of study in distance learning include a focus on providing teachers with system-wide support for the pedagogical use of ICT, to incentivize teachers, and to develop networks and platforms that allow teachers to share experiences and approaches that may be of use to peers and other stakeholders.
   • Share best practices in diverse areas of study (e.g. agricultural studies, data science)
   • Identify fields of study that distance learning can further contribute to and transform
   • Assess opportunities for networks and platforms to support diverse areas of teaching

4. Lifelong Skills Development for a Digital Society
Distance learning can contribute significantly to the development of lifelong learning systems. Effective policies and programmes are required for the provision of quality learning opportunities. These issues are especially challenging given significant implications of demographic shifts throughout the region.
   • Explore implications of digital advancements for adult and lifelong learning
   • Research on appropriate financing and uses of technology to improve access to quality lifelong learning      opportunities with a focus on aging societies
   • Analyse case studies in Asia-Pacific where distance learning has been successful
   • Application of distance Learning for aging society
Important Dates
Deadline of Abstract Submission


19 April 2019
Notification of Abstract Acceptance


30 April 2019
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17 May 2019
Deadline of Revised Full Paper Submission


7 June 2019
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance 15 June 2019
Open for Payment 15 May 2019
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30 June 2019
5 July 2019

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